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rosatom is to invest in inox to enter the indian wind market

announcer:高晟机械   release time:2019-5-10 10:12:23

       russian state atomic energy company rosatom is in early talks to invest in indian wind turbine maker inox wind, according to mint, an indian business daily.
       earlier this year, rosatom announced that lagerwey of the netherlands had signed an agreement to license wind turbine technology to otek. otek hopes to build wind turbines in russia and gain a foothold in the indian market and control the supply chain, according to sources.
       inox wind power produces blades, cylinders, hubs, nacelles, etc. current blade production capacity is maintained at 1600 mw. atul, head of investor relations
       soni said in early august that with less capital spending, it would be able to remove the current 1,100-megawatt capacity bottleneck in its nacrons and hubs. tower production will also be increased with minimal investment.
       for the fiscal first quarter ended march 31, 2018, inox's earnings fell to 1.06 billion rupees from 4.35 billion rupees, and it swung from a net profit of 118.2 million rupees a year earlier to a post-tax loss of 390 million rupees. the company's performance has also been affected by a temporary downturn in the indian wind power market as a result of the transition from feed-in tariffs to auctions for wind power contracts.
       inox expects the market to normalise in the fourth quarter. fy2018/19 will be the beginning of a period of strong growth for the wind industry.

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