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uv glazing coating in the roller coating machine for the use of precautions

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1. paper: uv coating is not suitable for the processing of permeable paper, because the low molecular material in uv coating is easy to permeate into the paper, causing the paper to become dark, or even soaked. in this case, only on both sides of the paper with uv light irradiation, it is possible to cure completely. in order to prevent the phenomenon of infiltration, can use uv coating material coating the bottom layer, in order to avoid the appearance of penetration coating uv coating.
2 drive protection: uv glazing has irritation to the skin, plus do not play, attached to the skin, clothing, in the summer of high temperature may be with sweat infiltration of the skin cause inflammation. therefore, if there is uv varnish on the skin, should be washed with soapy water as soon as possible and timely change clothes.
3. light source of the roller coating machine: the irradiation light source is generally high pressure mercury lamp or metal halide lamp, the output power of high pressure mercury lamp is generally 80~120w to ensure the curing speed of uv coating is less than 0.5s.


4. uv ink: need to pay attention to the combination of uv coating and ink, when necessary to apply a layer of adhesive.

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