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wearables are becoming a global trend

announcer:高晟机械   release time:2019-5-10 10:18:21

       "wolves are starting to invade the field." gu xiaobin, ceo of goshell electronics, told reporters recently that after the boom in smartphones and tablet computers, wearable devices have become the hottest products in the global consumer electronics sector this year.
       wearables are in their infancy globally, providing "made in china" with the opportunity to "overtake" on corners. what domestic manufacturer needs is true innovation, avoid by all means "swarm of bees" type follow suit hype.
       industrial "blue ocean"
       wearable devices refer to mobile smart it devices that can be worn directly on the body or integrated into clothing or wearables, such as smart glasses, watches, bracelets and rings.
       in april 2012, google developed a smart glasses project g lass that integrates mobile phone, g ps navigation and digital camera, creating the first wearable device. subsequently, apple, samsung and others have followed suit. samsung launched its smartwatch in september; apple is also expected to launch a smartwatch, the iwatch, soon. these tech giants were the first to make wearables popular.
       "smart wearables are emerging as a major category of technological change that will drive innovation in the same way that pcs did in the 1980s and mobile computing and tablets do today." mary meeker, an analyst at venture capital firm k pc b, said in her internet trends report.
       apple founder steve jobs revolutionized the global smartphone industry with the launch of the iphone. the emerging wearables market is similar to the smartphone market before the iphone.
       wearables have also sparked a rush for gold among chinese tech companies and entrepreneurs. in june, the company launched four smart watches, smart rings and other products, while internet companies such as baidu and xiaomi, as well as some mobile phone manufacturers, have also launched wearable products. shell also recently announced that it has shipped more than 100,000 smartwatches.
       research institute imedia consulting predicts that by 2015, wearable device shipments in the chinese market will exceed 40 million units, with the market size reaching 11.49 billion yuan.
       "with the rise of the global wearable device market, china's wearable device market will also usher in rapid growth and gradually become the core of the global wearable device market. wearable devices of different forms will enter people's lives from all aspects." "said zhang yi, ceo of imedia consulting.
       forcing "made in china" to upgrade
       "the rise of wearable devices and the arrival of the era of big data go hand in hand. wearable devices are the gateway to data, and in-depth analysis of big data enables users to re-understand their work and life." jiang qiping, secretary-general of the information technology research center of the chinese academy of social sciences, said it is possible for wearable devices to become the next iphone.
       the country's largest pc maker lenovo group said recently, the future mobile terminals can present a computerized, mobile, consumer and the four trends of humanization, represented by google smart glasses and apple smart watches wearable devices is a beneficial exploration by this trend, or will become the future development of mobile terminal subvert our opportunities.
       at present, chinese consumers have a strong desire for wearable devices. according to a survey by imedia, 68.9% of those who know something about wearables would consider buying one.
       gu xiaobin said in an interview that wearable devices have become a hot market, mainly because the whole industrial environment is ready for development. on the one hand, wearable devices are becoming a global trend, and the concept has been accepted. on the other hand, many electronic products are actually manufactured in china. for domestic companies, the idea of a wearable device is now fully capable of being turned into a product for the market.
       it's worth noting that many wearables are now being launched by internet companies rather than traditional hardware makers. in response, gu xiaobin said that china's internet development level is in sync with the world, and more and more internet companies are entering the wearable device market, which is also an opportunity to promote "made in china". internet companies are forcing traditional hardware manufacturers to upgrade.
       recently, the general office of the national development and reform commission issued a special notice on organizing and implementing the industrialization of mobile internet and fourth-generation mobile communication (td-lte) in 2013. one of the key tasks is the development and industrialization of wearable devices for mobile internet.
       do not follow the hype
       hu tingting, an analyst at analysys international, believes that the wearable device market is still in its infancy, with more products in the concept stage and experimental stage, and fewer products that can be promoted to produce commercial benefits. compared with china, the innovation and technology level of wearable devices in foreign countries are higher and the product categories are relatively rich.
       "wearables are at least more of a challenge than an opportunity for domestic companies right now." kong huawei, director of the shanghai branch of the institute of computing technology of the chinese academy of sciences, said wearable devices need more innovative and user-friendly design. integrated design capability at chip level is needed, and sensor chips such as mems, as well as intellectual property reserves and processes, etc. have long been the weak links restricting the development of domestic electronics industry.
       in the eyes of some industry insiders, after the giants such as google, apple and microsoft have done a lot of foresight and framework work, some wearable devices launched in china are based on it, but do "micro-innovation" in some small details. in addition, only the medical sector has the clearest business model in the domestic wearable device market, while most of the others remain in the stage of concept hype and lack of actual liquidity.
       "it's still a question of whether wearables will be the next billion-unit market." leping huang, china telecom research analyst at nomura securities, said the only way to really attract consumers is if they come up with something disruptive and innovative, and everyone is still figuring out if they can come up with something special next.
       peter dewei, head of topology research, suggested that the chinese mainland should choose different product development directions based on the advantages of wearable devices in various applications, and then promote the development of wearable products based on the domestic market demand in various sectors.

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