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sigma2006 printing equipment exhibition

announcer:高晟机械   release time:2019-5-10 10:27:19

       in response to the purchase requirements of the overseas visiting group, the shoe machinery, shoe material equipment and printing equipment sigma2006 added the exhibition project. it not only enriches the exhibition content of sigma2006, but also serves as a comprehensive exhibition to meet the omni-directional requirements of all kinds of audiences.
       from the development of printing and dyeing industry at home and abroad to predict that printing equipment production and sales will be a new growth point. dyeing cloth production in domestic in recent years, 1 ~ 5 16.513 billion m, up 15.57% from a year earlier, the eastern coastal zhejiang, jiangsu, shandong, fujian and guangdong province 5 concentration further increase production, 91% of the total station the dyeing cloth production, and relevant enterprises pay attention to product quality and new product development, quality efficiency improved and larger profit growth. this means that the printing and dyeing industry will usher in a new development opportunity, will also be vigorous printing and dyeing enterprises for all kinds of printing and dyeing equipment demand.
       overseas demand for printing equipment is rising. according to customs statistics, the export of printing equipment from january to october in 2005 has exceeded the traditional strong export products to reach 179.3 million us dollars. demand in india, pakistan and bangladesh, in particular, has been strong.
       from these aspects, we can see that the spring of printing equipment production industry is coming. this time for domestic and foreign end customers sigma2006 for printing equipment production enterprises opened up a subway to spring.
       up to now, the sigma2006 organizing committee has collected more than 400 catalogues of printing equipment manufacturers in jiangsu, zhejiang and shanghai, and has started to recruit these enterprises by telephone, fax and final enterprise visits.
       sigma2006 printing equipment exhibition mainly includes automatic, semi-automatic, manual printing machine, flat screen machine, dyeing and finishing equipment, printing machinery, thermosetting ink, printing paste, printing auxilaries, printing auxilaries and other printing materials, in addition to plate-making equipment, screen, photosensitive adhesive, thermal transfer printing, water transfer printing equipment.
       the exhibition is rich and complete, which not only gives printing equipment enterprises an opportunity to fully display themselves, but also gives printing and dyeing enterprises the opportunity to purchase all the equipment and materials.

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