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ac servo rooted in the machinery industry

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       china's ac servo motion control products are still in the initial stage, but the system is increasingly showing its elegant style, is widely used in various mechanical industries, to improve the level of intelligent control industry, market demand is significant, in the next few years to increase the space is very large. in the servo system, ac servo motion control system is the largest branch, it is a combination of electrical science, automatic control, electrical technology, mechatronics, computer control in one integrated system. in actual production, the use of ac servo motion control products, to solve the problem of all kinds of complicated positioning control, such as robot trajectory control, numerical control machine tool position control and so on, so it's in processing machinery, fa machinery, medical machinery, robot, automatic assembly line, semiconductor manufacturing, assembly and textile machinery has been widely used, and shows more and more strong vitality.
       in the development of ac servo motion control products, it has always been a combination of advanced mechatronics technology and control theory. ac servo motion control products are mainly used in machine tools, food packaging, textile printing and dyeing, electronic manufacturing, plastic machinery, printing and paper, rubber machinery and so on.
       1. in the field of machine tools, the main application features of ac servo motion control products are:
       (1) ac servo motion control products analyzed here include ac servo (1) high speed and high precision. for high speed and high precision machining machine feed drive, mainly "rotary servo motor with precision high speed ball screw" and "linear motor direct drive" two types. currently, the maximum moving speed of high-speed machining machine driven by ball screw is 90m/min, and the acceleration is 1.5g. high speed and high precision machining machines using linear motors have reached a maximum speed of 208m/min and an acceleration of 2g, and there is still room for development.
       (2) polyaxialization. with the popularization of 5-axis linkage cnc system and programming software, 5-axis linkage control machining center and cnc milling machine has become a current development hotspot, especially in the processing of free surface, to overcome the 3-axis linkage control when the cutting speed is close to zero. controller, ac servo motor, special control platform and servo detection device, these products constitute a complete ac servo motion control products
       2. food packaging
       with the rapid development of china's market economy and the improvement of people's quality of life, it is expected that consumers' demand for microwave food, snack food, frozen food and other convenience food will continue to increase, which will directly drive the demand for related food packaging. china's food and packaging machinery industry is expected to maintain positive growth for a long time to come. therefore, the state in the "eleventh five-year plan" clearly pointed out to narrow the gap between supply and demand, so that the food industry to catch up with the world's advanced level, and provide advanced technology and equipment. this must require the domestic food and packaging machinery annual development rate of more than 18 percent, the new product rate of 25 percent.
       the main features of ac servo motion control products used in food packaging are as follows:
       (1) the mechanical structure is greatly simplified. traditional packaging machinery control system mostly uses relay, contactor control circuit, its complexity increases with the increase of actuators and the increase of adjusting parts, making the machine more and more complex, to the manufacturing, adjustment, use and maintenance are inconvenient. and the application of ac servo motion control products, the use of microcomputer, sensing technology, new servo technology to replace the heavy electrical control cabinet and drive device, so that the number of components drastically reduced, greatly simplified structure, volume is also reduced.
       (2) product quality improvement. the more the parameter changes, the more the adjustment part, the greater the superiority of ac servo motion control, which is incomparable to the general control mode. with more functions and higher reliability, the flow servo motion control system can not only keep the function of the original packaging machine, but also give many other functions. such as liquid drink soft packing machine, it in conjunction with the pneumatic, electrical and mechanical joint, can be made box, sterilization, filling, sealing, and other functions, can be stored, such as production rate, product number, failure phenomena, the cause of the problem, such as data, at the same time to corresponding processing these data according to the actual situation, greatly facilitate the operation, has greatly improved the reliability of the packaging machine.
       3. textile printing and dyeing
       in recent years, with the rapid development of the textile industry, the technical level, product development ability and stability of china's textile machinery have also been greatly improved, thus laying a reliable foundation for downstream enterprises to develop new products and improve product quality.
       china is a large country of textile machinery production, no country in the world has so many textile machinery, textile equipment, textile instruments, electrical appliances, ancillary devices and special accessories production enterprises, the annual production of the variety, the number of large, are unique in the world. but must see, in the face of so big market, our product development, after-sales service ability is far from to meet the demands of the textile enterprises, the technological innovation is also far behind the principles of power, especially in the aspect of mechanical and electrical integration of automation, continuous, high speed and intelligent level also has the very big disparity, in the new material, new craft, new technology lag behind a lot.
       textile printing and dyeing equipment on the application of ac servo technology is to improve equipment performance, meet the requirements of high precision control, there are top grade card, with automatic tuning expression drawing frame, new type roving machine, cnc spinning machine, sectional warping machine, sizing machine, screen printing machine and other equipment are the application of ac servo motion control products.
       to sum up, although ac servo motion control related products have not been widely used, a large number of low-precision and low-efficiency motion control methods still exist, such as mechanical cam, synchronous belt, synchronous shaft, etc. in food packaging, printing, paper, rubber machinery and other industries. however, the more problems there are, the greater the opportunity for improvement and the wider the market space for ac servo. therefore, china's ac servo motion control products will grow in step with china's development of advanced manufacturing countries.

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