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domestic equipment to solve the "general" dilemma

announcer:高晟机械   release time:2019-5-10 10:35:51

      "survey on the use of printing and dyeing equipment" provides a basis for domestic printing and dyeing machinery manufacturers to re-examine their image in the eyes of downstream enterprises. in the analysis results, 62% of enterprises believe that domestic equipment can meet the process demand, while 58% of users have an "average" impression of domestic equipment. for a long time, domestic printing and dyeing machinery manufacturers have been constantly improving their technical level to meet the process needs of user enterprises, but statistics show that most of the domestic printing and dyeing equipment has been recognized by the process needs of downstream enterprises, while the overall impression is still considered inferior
      to solve the problem of "average" evaluation has become an urgent task for domestic printing and dyeing equipment manufacturers.
      define "average" in the questionnaire, the overall impression evaluation of domestic printing and dyeing equipment has four options: good, good, average, very poor. many of the companies involved said they were chosen on the basis of what value the machine could meet in their production needs.
      printing and dyeing enterprises often adopt such a production model: domestic printing and dyeing equipment to produce conventional varieties, imported equipment to produce high value-added products. "most of the domestic equipment can meet the production of conventional products. but some special requirements of high value-added products, domestic equipment is often inadequate. huawan carbon fiber (group) bead fiber co., ltd. electrical engineer liu xinghong said that the company tried to use domestic equipment to produce a door width of 63 or more high-density varieties, the feeling is very difficult. most of the domestic equipment can only meet the regular variety of production, which is the main reason why the user enterprise rated the domestic equipment as general.
      in hua wan company, continuous rolling dyeing machine, mercerizing machine is domestic equipment, and part of the rotary screen printing machine, pre-shrinking machine is imported products. it is easy to see from the composition of the equipment that domestic equipment is basically concentrated on the conventional links of printing and dyeing, while the equipment that can increase the feel of the product and thus increase the added value is occupied by foreign products.
      the equipment composition of many printing and dyeing enterprises is similar to that of huawan company. cai menggao, engineer of guangdong shunde golden textile group, thinks that the domestic continuous equipment, such as mercerizing machine, shaping machine and dyeing shaping equipment in the field of weaving, is satisfactory. but after the finishing equipment that raises product additional value, wait for the level such as preshrink machine, steam machine is opposite a few poorer. "this is probably due to continuous equipment development for decades, many problems have been corrected." "but other devices still have a lot of problems to solve."
      domestic weakness
      why is it difficult for domestic equipment to meet the high value-added production needs of enterprises? on the surface, the performance of domestic equipment that can provide high value-added links needs to be improved; and in the deep level, this reflects the domestic printing and dyeing equipment in mechanical performance, automatic control and other aspects of the general gap.
      in terms of mechanical performance, the outstanding problem is that the quality of bearings, fans, rollers and so on is often not up to standard, resulting in the overall performance of equipment decline. in some domestic equipment used by jinfang group, the roller deforms or even rusts after several times of use, and the fan becomes noisy after 2-3 months. this has made the company wary of buying more domestic equipment. chen junfei, chairman of xinfa textile printing and dyeing co., ltd., believes that a large number of low-quality mechanical and electrical products and textile accessories in the market circulation, coupled with the lack of effective supervision and control of many enterprises to purchase, outsourcing parts, resulting in domestic printing and dyeing equipment internal quality problems, the overall image is difficult to change. "this also makes the overall failure rate of the machine high, maintenance time and labor costs. he said.

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