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robotics research breakthroughs focus on robot-related concepts

announcer:高晟机械   release time:2019-5-10 10:38:31

     maintenance increases the elevator growth rate, reduces the loss of printing bag and optimizes the structure. the industrial robot industry chain may be further expanded.
     investment highlights:
     the standard maintenance policy will be issued soon, and the company's elevator business growth is expected to increase year by year: elevator accidents occur frequently, 60% of which are caused by improper maintenance. at present, elevator maintenance, full of low-cost competition in the third party maintenance, in the maintenance of the standard policy, it is expected that the third party maintenance ratio will rapidly decline, manufacturers from the maintenance of the proportion. shanghai mitsubishi as domestic scale is biggest, the maintenance maintenance business the highest proportion (about 30%), the joint venture brands, most marketing network will benefit maintenance industry norms, for maintenance business growth faster than the elevator equipment, elevator equipment company growth is expected to around 15%, basic synchronization with the industry, but there will be more than 20% of the growth, maintenance business lift elevator business growth as a whole.
     in 2012, gauss was insolvent, with an income of 1.053 billion yuan and a loss of 102 million yuan, which was the main source of losses in the company's printing and packaging machinery business.
     gauss france entered the judicial reorganization process in april 2013, after the reorganization, the printing machine will greatly reduce losses, is expected to achieve break-even in 15 years. in addition, after printing and packaging machinery focus on precision web offset press and packaging machinery and other high-end products, there is room for improvement of profitability.
     through nabokov into industrial robot with precision reducer market, follow-up is expected to extend to ontology and areas of systems integration: way proposed to increase 51% equity holdings nabokov transmission (shanghai), is responsible for the japanese precision reducer's sales in china, japan, nabokov accounted for 60% of global industrial robot with precision reducer market share. we judge that sales is only the first step, and then there will be r&d and manufacturing cooperation. the capital increase further shows that the company is the operation platform of the group's high-end equipment business. we believe that the chinese equity of shanghai fanuc, a joint venture between the group and fanuc of japan, may also enter the company. the joint venture is mainly engaged in the robot system integration business in china, ranking first in share.
     earnings forecast and investment suggestions: it is estimated that the eps in 2013-15 will be 0.75, 1.00 and 1.21 yuan respectively, and the target price will be raised to 15 yuan, corresponding to the market value of 15 billion yuan. the premium of robot business will be partly taken into account to increase the investment.

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