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machinery industry: clear industrial path of navigation planning

announcer:高晟机械   release time:2019-5-10 10:39:46

core ideas:
engineering machinery: macro data still need to be observed. macro data, infrastructure investment remains high, real estate sales and new construction fell. our view: bottom range, waiting for housing starts expected to pick up.

the leading indicator of construction machinery sales, infrastructure investment, remains high; meanwhile, the hourglass of construction machinery investment logic has shifted from infrastructure to real estate. if real estate sales continue to pick up and real estate policy expectations gradually stabilize, housing starts are expected to pick up gradually rather than fall sharply again as inventories gradually decline. real estate sales and new construction expectations from negative to positive, will lead the construction machinery prices to recover.

aviation and aerospace: the navigation plan is officially issued, and the industrial development path is clear. the national medium and long term development plan for the satellite navigation industry was officially released this week, which lays out the medium and long term ideas for the development of china's satellite navigation industry from market space, various demands, industrial chain support measures, key projects and other aspects.

from our tracking downstream market at the same time, the beidou navigation market there have been obvious signs, we believe that the 2013 beidou navigation from towards the big dipper to real practical application of beidou navigation, industrialization application entered the stage of substantial progress: 1, the government's support of beidou navigation application industry will increase, the concentrated expression in subsidies, demonstration projects, the determination standard and long-term support. 2. industrial applications will be carried out in the order of military (gathering, special assembly)- industrial applications - mass market; 3. enterprises in the beidou navigation industry will start to release and promote the beidou navigation chip, terminal and comprehensive application mode for their respective markets, and the discussion of business model has become the focus of enterprises. at present, from an investment perspective, we still recommend focusing on companies focusing on the military and industry user market, still recommend china satellite, focus on guotong electronics, the big dipper.

shipbuilding: in the process of ship city restoration. global new orders in september 2013 were 3.89 million dwt, up 15% from a year earlier, but down 66% from the previous month. global new orders from january to september totaled 82.67 million dwts, up 99% from the same period in 2012. prices are still slowly recovering. the price of panamanian ships is 27 million dollars this month, unchanged from last month. vlcc, avra and capeside ship prices were $90 million, $49.25 million and $50 million respectively, up $500,000, $250,000 and $1 million respectively from last month. at present, the shipping industry is still in the stage of absorbing excess capacity. 2013 will be a year when shipping enterprises will transition from cash protection to profit protection. from the perspective of investment opportunities, the introduction of the implementation plan is conducive to stabilizing the bottom range of the shipbuilding industry after five years of depression. however, the sustained improvement of new orders is still waiting for the recovery of the shipping market. therefore, it is recommended that medium and long-term investors wait patiently for the investment opportunities of 2014. but the real bottom is coming for new orders in the shipbuilding sector and investors can look at opportunities in a more positive light.

energy equipment: screw expansion generator business is progressing smoothly, continue to recommend open mountain shares, focus on silver wheel shares. a shares engaged in screw expander business development, product research and development of the company has kaishan shares, yinlun shares, han zhong jing machine, shaanxi drum power, big cold shares and so on. from the progress of product promotion, we continue to recommend kaishan stock; from the development of product development, we recommend that investors focus on silver wheel shares

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