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advantages of roller coater

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for the coating industry, the birth of the roll coater is undoubtedly a great promotion for this industry, the traditional way of spraying material fee and work, and spraying the floater has a lot of harm to human body, the impact on the environment is not generally, so many restrictions by environment department, roller coating machine for coating industry of a enterprise, it is a tool for profits, how to maximize profits is the personage inside course of study selection standard of the machine, so there is a roller coater. the roller coater produced by xinta is not only beautiful in appearance, but also more humanized in operation to ensure personal safety. the roller is made of imported pu adhesive with a diameter of 250mm and its surface is precisely machined by computer. waterborne sponge roller, oil pu rubber roller or synthetic rubber roller can be selected according to different color paint requirements to make roller coating more precise and even. the two ends of the cots are made of hemispherical structure, which can be replaced quickly and reduce the delay time. the driving force of the conveyor belt is balanced on the roller at the center line of the cots to improve the stability of the conveyor. the conveyor belt is imported pu belt, adopts frequency conversion speed-regulating device, runs smoothly, is resistant to various solvents, and prevents the formation phenomenon caused by chemical corrosion. optional configuration of british imported stainless steel strong toughness scraper, scraper to swing from side to side, the angle is adjusted by the small worm gear reducer, uniform color, no chromatic aberration. the rise and fall of the cots set can be controlled by electric control and displayed by digital display. lift optional pneumatic locking device, eliminate the gap error of the whole machine, so that the coating more uniform and fine. rubber roller, steel roller and conveying are adjusted by frequency conversion, which can improve the coating quality and equipment operation earlier. the transformer can be adjusted by various speed, which can precisely control the coating amount and make the workpiece obtain the best surface smoothness and saturation.

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