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roller coating machine process layout, please professional people do professional things

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to a few dimensions compare big furniture manufacturer, what they need is a multifunctional rolling besmear production line. because of the need to take care of these furniture manufacturers with some of the products. so that these products can be integrated into the uv rolling coating line. so as to improve the production efficiency of the factory and save the cost. so, in the middle, what do we need to pay attention to in terms of the layout of the process?

1. plant planning is the primary factor. all rolling lines with uv equipment must be designed within the permitted area of the plant. the length, width and height of the plant, as well as whether the plant has columns and so on, are all factors to be considered.

2. effect of product coating. the customer product needs to achieve how the coating effect, this question is needless to say. then we must combine the factory conditions, combined with paint, equipment technical parameters and other aspects of a complete and suitable for the production of efficient uv rolling coating production line.

3. after the workshop, uv equipment and paint have been determined, design a layout diagram of the workshop equipment, and make corresponding adjustments to the power supply and gas supply of the workshop in the later period.

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