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the three key points of the roller coating machine are coloring, priming and topcoat rolling process

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with the development of industrial technology, for many wood industry, automatic rolling coating production is imminent. today, we will take a look at the three key processes in the automatic roll coating line: coloring, priming and finishing.
waterborne coloring roller coating process is one of the important steps of uv roller coating for customized furniture. waterborne coloring roll coating can make furniture have different colors. water coloring by sanding a plain plate, the fine polishing of the plain plate into the water coloring process.
water-based coloring
priming process is an important step in the production of bespoke furniture. the effect of the primer directly affects the finish and the final product. primer is the first layer of the paint system, used to improve the adhesion of the finish, increase the fullness of the finish, provide anti-alkaline, anti-corrosion function, and so on, while ensuring the uniform absorption of the finish, so that the paint system play the best effect. according to the coating requirements can be divided into the first primer, two primer, etc.

finish coat is the final coating, not only to have a good color and brightness, but also to have a good resistance to pollution, aging, moisture, mildew, but also not pollution environment, safety, non-toxic, no fire risk, convenient construction, coating drying fast, light and color, good permeability and other characteristics.
want to want custom-made home to have a very good surface effect, these 3 craft must do well. through the application of automatic uv rolling coating production line, help furniture manufacturers to realize automatic coloring rolling coating process, primer rolling coating process and the final topcoat rolling coating.

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