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rolling machine, the combination of technology and art!

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decorative panel uv rolling coating production line, when a perfect combination of technology and art creators. with the change of people life idea, have a kind of simple, contemporary decorate a style, affected the consumption habit at present. and the application that acts the role of face plate also got the favour of more and more consumer, when technology collides with art, the result that gets inevitably is the rendering of a vigorous color.

veneer veneer veneer is a surface material used in interior decoration or furniture manufacturing by cutting natural or technical wood into thin slices of a certain thickness, adhering to the surface of plywood, and then hot pressing. act the role of face plate is the surface material that the interior decorates, furniture that uses more extensive at present makes. say simply, act the role of face plate is the union of base material wood skin.

when the decorative panel meets the uv rolling paint production line and the high gloss coating production line, colorful only in the eyes. to meet the diversified manufacturing needs of the decorative panel, so that the home decorative surface more elegant. decorative panel uv paint rolling coating production line will paint process front, break through the traditional process, making home more simple.

with the change of people's consumption habits, more and more consumers pay more attention to green and environmental protection for home furnishing. after the paint working procedure of act the role of face plate is advanced, shortened the time limit for decorating, do not need to undertake paint working procedure again and the pollution that causes in decorating, more green and environmental protection, also suit at the same time the style of current extremely simple light luxury.

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