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use of uv curing machine in roller coating machine

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uv curing machine in the coating line mainly plays the drying curing role of uv paint, mainly using uv light to uv paint produced by the optical reaction, can quickly dry plate coating uv paint. what should we pay attention to the use of uv curing machine?

1. commissioning
in anti-rust oil on the surface of the foundation processing has wiped, each place has add lubricating oil, by learning to use manual and under the guidance of sen union, to understand the structure of the machine and matters needing attention, adjust machine tool parts, rotating the handle, the handwheel to move the relevant parts, check whether blocking or other abnormal phenomena, and can be eliminated.
when the components are checked to be normal, the external power supply is connected, and the movement direction of the transmission and the fan steering are checked by inching.

2. operation of machine tool and matters needing attention
a. tube operation
turn on the power, turn on the first group of half lights, full lights, the second group of half lights, full lights
b. adjustment of conveying speed
the paint is fully cured but the surface temperature is not too high

3. common faults and troubleshooting methods
a. the temperature in the drying box is too high
check whether the rotation direction of the fan is correct;
check whether the vent is blocked
b. wet paint

whether the lamp tube works normally
is the height of the lamp tube suitable
as the automation of coating equipment becomes stronger and stronger, the operation and use of uv curing machine becomes more intelligent and simple, and the combination of coating production lines is faster, and the 24-hour consulting experts of sunlian have brought more help to the enterprises using coating equipment, making the production and management of enterprises more easy and orderly.

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