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how is the structure of the roller coater designed?

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roller coating machine in the work, the production efficiency is very high, and in the use of the use of paint can achieve full use, so that, by many enterprises welcome, but how do you design the structure of the roller coating machine? not very clear, also have a lot of net friend to ask such question on the net, answer with everybody here today.
first: rack
rack is the foundation of the whole roller coating machine structure, in use, can bear a lot of weight, no matter what parts need the rack to carry, many people think the roller coating machine frame and the chassis of the car is the same, but here i want to tell you that this is not the same.
second: working table
workbench as the name implies, it is to point to the rolling machine in the work, to provide the place of the feed, so for this place, in the actual work, we should pay attention to the problem is to be stable, this is very critical, if the operation of the problem, then the whole work process will have a great impact.
third: lifting seat

roller coating machine in the work, there are certain requirements for the thickness of the workpiece, lifting seat this structure, is used to adjust the thickness of the workpiece device, in the design, there are certain requirements, requirements must be able to light regulation, at the same time in the regulation, also need to be accurate.
the structure of the forward and reverse rolling coating machine there are many, this is because of the combination of these different parts, can successfully help the rolling coating machine to complete all the work, will be recognized by a lot of enterprises, in use, we need to pay attention to the relevant notice.

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