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what are the working principles and frames of the roller coater?

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roller coating machine at work can have a good working performance, nature is the principle and its structure, its principle is to use the uniform above rubber roller of steel wheel and uniform for constant speed operation, at the same time of operation, also occurs among can drag flat space, if the tightness of the space to adjust, also let the paint mist transfer, achieve artifacts, of course, for the paint thickness and evenness, nature also can be adjusted by rubber roller and steel roller.

and the nature that forms this kind of principle also does not open its frame, so what does it have above the frame, and what kind of performance and characteristic does each have? first is the workbench, it for all artifacts to hand drag, so it is a basic equipment, but did a lot of importance, so as to ensure its smooth trend, next is the rise and fall, this is a regulation system, it can be adjusted to the thickness of paint, so as to achieve accurate operation.

again next, an important part of the roll coater is called all of cloth, the main reason why it is important, because it is paint system, uniform rubber roller and the steel wheel, also is to use it as the backing, of course, into the paint and paint system is also very important, because it's not only paint supply source, and paint the loop, so is very important, the paint is responsible for the paint to all the middle of the above, and back to paint is to paint draw back, the rest of the previous internal circulation. in addition, it has many parts of the control system, such as control box, potentiometer, buttons and so on. it is because of these control parts that the roller coating machine can be adjusted at any time as required.

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