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the structure of the roller coater is very simple. do you know their functions?

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roller coating machine depends on the cots and the steel wheel close to work, mainly is the inside and outside of the uniform rotation, so that will produce a v-shaped space in the middle, paint will be evenly rolled on the graph. the operating principle of the roller coating machine depends on its structural characteristics.
the rack is the carrier on the surface of the roller coating machine, similar to the chassis of a car. capable of carrying the whole machine, the base of the whole machine.
workbench, it is the working platform that is responsible for feed, but want to remember when working, want smooth just go.
lifting seat, is for the thickness of the paint to adjust the system, when using, the need to close and accurate action.
cloth head, of course, is also the paint system, cloth cots and do not steel wheels are installed on top.
into the paint system, is responsible for the paint, and then a revolving cycle.
control system is the system that controls the whole machine to work. it is composed of control box, electrical cabinet, frequency converter, potentiometer, buttons, indicator lights and so on.
roller coating machine has the above several structures, when painting, we need to understand its structure and the different functions of each structure, in the use of the process, in order to fully play the role of the machine.

rolling machine is rolling paint equipment, to understand the function of each structure, in the process of maintenance, it is also good for us. when the density between the rubber roller and steel rod is adjusted, we will well control the thickness of the paint and whether the daub is uniform, so that the roller coating machine can more fully serve us.

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