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the roller coating machine is applied to the surface coating of decorative panel

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in the era of custom household, there is a product with high-end, simple, fashion and many other advantages, is being more and more designers and consumers love, leading the trend of household change! that is the natural wood or technology wood planed into a certain thickness of thin slices, adhere to the surface of the plywood, hot pressed from a surface material, called decorative panel.

1. fully automatic rolling coating production line can be started with one key, greatly reducing the labor cost of coating process;

2. the whole line adopts the liquid cycle coating method of uv paint, the coating process and products meet the requirements of environmental protection, the paint utilization rate can be as high as 95%, greatly reducing the cost of uv paint coating;

3. standardized assembly line operation, free from human factors, not only higher coating efficiency and production capacity than traditional manual primer coating, but also reduced the delivery cycle in half.

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