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roll coating machine of the generation of history is inevitable

announcer:高晟机械   release time:2019-7-11 17:43:16

      the pace of history is silent, witnessing all the changes. the replacement of the old dynasty by the new dynasty is the progress of the times; the yangtze river after the wave before the wave, how many once the young talent is replaced by today's young people, is the progress of the times; the original manual production is now replaced by the machine is the progress of the times. take the rolling machine to say, its generation has its necessity, let shengda to analyze its necessity for you.
      the traditional manual spraying operation has the following disadvantages :(1) it is difficult to control the quality stability of batch products due to different personal operation methods; (2) low production efficiency, unable to meet the needs of mass production; (3) high paint loss caused by manual operation increases the production cost of the enterprise; (4) manual operation has great harm to the operators themselves, the simple manual spray painting table did not carry out paint fog environmental protection treatment, the environmental pollution is greater. (5) a large number of operators are needed, but the current labor shortage and labor problems are difficult to solve, increasing the production costs and management costs of enterprises.

  because this kind of manual way has so many disadvantages, so the roller coating machine also arises at the historic moment. it can not only greatly improve production efficiency, save paint, reduce environmental pollution, but also will not harm the health of employees.

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