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roller coating machine lamp tube and spray coating machine supporting electrical appliances

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uv lamp life generally refers to its can maintain enough energy for operation time, during which the attenuation of energy gradually until below the acceptable range, the general standard of the uv lamp that emits sufficient uv energy up to 800 hours. the uv curing is widely used for bamboo and wood floor, furniture, decoration materials, printing, printing cans, plastic coating, panels, circuit boards, cd, etc; also is the semiconductor, the electronic component, the liquid crystal display screen and so on the adhesive curing ideal light source.

 wavelength range from 780 nm to 1 mm between the electromagnetic wave radiation, strong radiation of heat object, so it is also called thermal radiation, in printing ink drying faster, usually use of short wave infrared (780 nm to 2000 nm), halogen short-wave band, short wave, medium wave, medium wave, medium wave, medium wave twin tube carbon, high carbon medium wave, near infrared (vacuum) and far infrared ray lamp,) is mainly used for drying, paint and printing ink plastic softening and melting, semiconductor and microelectronics plant, industrial production with oven, dry wood, paper drying, automobile paint, chemical reaction, the growth, food heating and insulation, health and infrared physical therapy, beauty, hair and sunbathing, air heating and indoor heating. roller coating machine, spray coating machine,uv machine, roller coating machine, spray coating machine,uv machine
uv/ir infrared lamp heating, dryer, wire and cable machinery, mold heating, plastic leather, laminating machine, blister machine, food machinery, shoe molding machinery, constant temperature test, dust room constant temperature and humidity control and other industrial heating control.

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