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how to adjust the amount of paint coating machine?

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the coating quantity of paint is an important process parameter which is related to the surface quality and product cost. therefore, the control of the amount of paint coating to meet the technical requirements to improve product quality has an important role. how to adjust the amount of uv roller coating machine paint coating?
1. adjust the pressure between the cots and the parts to be painted: the cots can move up and down by installing springs at the ends of the cots, which is conducive to the smooth passage of the workpiece through the cots.

2. by adjusting the speed and running direction of the steel roller line to adjust the amount of paint coating: two rollers contact, when the two roller line speed direction is the same, the larger the speed of the steel roller, the larger the amount of paint coating, the opposite is smaller; when the rotation of the two rollers in the opposite direction, the faster the speed of the steel roller coating amount of the smaller, the opposite.

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