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roller coating machine in use, the operator may want to pay attention!

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in the use of the roller coating machine, the operator must pay attention to the following items, while ensuring their own safety, but also to make the equipment can be safe and stable operation for a long time.


1. the operator is not allowed to touch the rotating cots and steel rollers with his hands to prevent hand clamping;

2. the operator is not allowed to touch the power interface by hand and disassemble the power supply and switch without permission to avoid electric shock;

3. the operator is not allowed to touch the machine transmission device, such as: sprocket, chain, motor pulley, to prevent the occurrence of industrial accidents;

4. in case of abnormal need for disassembly and repair, the machine and equipment shall be cleaned and the power cut off for mechanical and electrical repairman to deal with.

5. cleaning equipment can be cleaned with butyl acetate, backflow of the thinner can not enter the paint barrel, can be saved with another paint barrel, as the first primer thinner, can not be washed with alcohol and poured into the paint for use, to prevent paint white;

6. after cleaning the equipment, separate the cots from the steel rollers to prevent adhesion and damage to the cots. turn off the power supply at night after work and stop heating.

7. paint storage at least away from the machine electrical system more than 3 meters, the floor next to the machine can not be residual paint, must be cleaned to prevent fire.

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