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coating process characteristics of roller coating machine

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roller coating method basically is suitable for large area coating of plate and strip, the floor board, melamine board, ambry, density board, coil, plywood, paper, cloth, plastic film, such as plane plate for the coating of uv curing coating, roller coating coating with high efficiency, easy to realize continuous production, the appearance quality of the coating were better, film thickness control easily, and the advantages of low pollution and can and printing, its defect is too narrow to be the shape of the coating requirement, can't coating stereo artifacts, equipment investment is large.

(1) coating viscosity adjustment
the viscosity of the coating has a great influence on the uniformity and thickness of the coating. the coating viscosity is small, the wettability of the roller is large, the coating surface distribution is more uniform, but may produce insufficient amount of paint, coating thin; coating viscosity is large and the situation is opposite, may produce coating slant thick and uniform bad forehead fault. experience shows that the viscosity of roller coating is between 40 and 150s (4 cups).

(2) film thickness control
coating film thickness is easy to control is one of the advantages of roller coating, in addition to the aforementioned adjustment of coating viscosity can control the thickness, but also by adjusting the speed of the roller or roller in the distance between the coating to achieve. on the same roller coating method, paint roller speed fast, thin film, slow film thickness. the distance between the paint roller and the coated material is large, the film is thick, and vice versa. for the reverse roller coating, the regulation is a little more complicated, the pressure and speed ratio between the feed roller and the coating roller will affect the coating film thickness.

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