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daily use procedure of roller coater

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roller coating machine is suitable for wood, plastic, metal, glass, glass magnesium plate and other new materials; primers and finishes for furniture, floors, cabinets, interior and exterior wall panels, decorative panels. what should be done in the daily operation and maintenance of the equipment? it can be roughly divided into the following steps.
1. check the equipment of rolling coating machine.
foreign bodies on cots and steel rods need to be cleaned out. in addition, oil pump pipes of the roller coating machine also need to be checked to ensure smooth circuit.
2. adjust the measurement

before using the roller coating machine for spraying, it is necessary to measure the thickness of the rolling coating workpiece, and then manually adjust the lifting handle. the height of the roller is adjusted to the proper height. for the twin-stick roller coating machine, the front and rear two groups of rollers to adjust the height.
3, test,
the roller coated workpiece is first placed under the roller, the roller height adjustment is the most appropriate place, adjust to the workpiece surface just hit the roller height, take out the spraying workpiece and then manually lift the roller 2 or 3 times. then, adjust the spacing between the rollers again, finally turn on the pump switch, will roll paint class into the v-shaped area between the rollers.
4. test run of rolling coating machine
during the test run, the first thing to open is the cots switch, then open the switch of the steel rod, want to get smooth fine lines coating, the speed of the steel rod must be slower than the speed of the cots, and the speed of the conveyor belt should be the same as the speed of the cots, so as to avoid paint spray pile before and after, affecting the quality of the product.

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