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film thickness control of roller coating machine

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uv roller coating machine coating thickness control, coating thickness easy to control is one of the advantages of roller coating, in addition to the aforementioned adjustment of coating viscosity can control the thickness, but also by adjusting the speed of the roller or the distance between the paint roller to achieve. on the same roller coating method, paint roller speed fast, thin film, slow film thickness. the distance between the paint roller and the coated material is large, the film is thick, and vice versa. for the reverse roller coating, the regulation is a little more complicated, the pressure and speed ratio between the feed roller and the coating roller will affect the coating film thickness.
  roller coating machine design

solvent resistant rubber roller and stepless adjustment drive are adopted. the conveyor belt, pu rubber wheel and metering optical wheel are all frequency controlled by independent motors for more accurate processing.
roller coating machine effect
the paint film surface treated by the roller coating machine is smooth, full, before and after without heap of paint, can be similar to the effect of spray coating but paint thickness is greatly reduced.
roll coating machine features
it can improve production efficiency, reduce coating consumption, and improve product quality to meet the requirements of wave soldering and other electronic assembly process. it has the characteristics of uniform coating thickness and convenient adjustment.

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