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the guangdong-hong kong-macao greater bay area has been reported to the national development and ref

announcer:高晟机械   release time:2019-5-10 10:06:22

       reporters learned that "guangdong-hong kong-macao greater bay area city cluster development plan" has taken shape, a few days ago officially reported to the national development and reform commission. that means building the world's fourth-largest bay area is getting closer. the construction of the guangdong-hong kong-macao greater bay area, under the background of "one belt and one road", beijing-tianjin-hebei coordinated development and the yangtze river delta economic belt, has made up for the map of southern china's urban agglomeration and improved the national regional strategy, industry insiders said.
       wu weibao, deputy director of the guangdong provincial development and reform commission, revealed at the launch of the guangdong-hong kong-macao greater bay area research institute that the development plan for the guangdong-hong kong-macao greater bay area city cluster was reported to the national development and reform commission at the end of june. the plan, drawn up by the guangdong development and reform commission in conjunction with china center for international economic exchanges and other national high-end think tanks, has initially identified the target, development direction and key tasks of the guangdong-hong kong-macao greater bay area.
       china zhang xiaoqiang, vice executive director of the center for international economic exchanges, said the large bay area planning scope of guangdong province of guangzhou, shenzhen, zhuhai, foshan, huizhou, dongguan, zhongshan, jiangmen, zhaoqing 9 cities and two hong kong and macao special administrative region, major infrastructure involved in planning, focus on developing platform, natural extension and so on important economic and trade cooperation, radiation to the pan-pearl river delta and other regions.
       in response, liang qi, director of the industrial and regional development research center at sun yat-sen university, told reporters that the construction of the guangdong-hong kong-macao greater bay area will improve the layout of the national regional strategy and support the construction of the 21st century maritime silk road. liang qi said the two routes of the 21st century maritime silk road, one from china's coast through the strait of malacca to the indian ocean and then to europe, and the other from china's coast to the south pacific via indonesia. the guangdong-hong kong-macao greater bay area is one of the starting points.
       hu chunhua, party secretary of guangdong province, said at a meeting of the standing committee of the provincial party committee that the goal of the greater bay area is to become a more dynamic world-class economic zone, a demonstration zone for in-depth cooperation between guangdong and hong kong, an important support zone for "one belt and one road", a livable, business-friendly and high-quality living circle, a world-class bay area and a world-class city cluster.
       chun-hua hu said that to strengthen pragmatic cooperation and ccpit, earnest organization and hong kong and macao to work fully communicate and understand each other's development planning requirements of cooperation, on economy and trade, science and education, finance, tourism and regional major infrastructure construction plan to promote more cooperation projects, find a proper focus and cooperation, promote cooperation to achieve real results.
       for large bay area construction schedule, zhang xiaoqiang, according to a large bay area of guangdong is the development goal of basic formed in 2020 to the international first-class bay, world-class basically established the framework of urban agglomeration, gulf of the world's top 2030, to become the world's advanced manufacturing center, the global important innovation center, international finance, shipping and trade center in the global cooperation and competition ability, jumped, world famous city.
       zhang xiaoqiang said, according to estimates, combined with 2020, 2030 and other global three bay area prediction of comparison, in 2020, a large bay area of guangdong's economy will be the basic level in tokyo bay area, by 2030, a large bay area of guangdong gdp will reach $4.62 trillion, more than tokyo bay area ($3.24 trillion) and new york bay area ($2.18 trillion), to become the world's gdp for the first bay area.
       the framework agreement on deepening guangdong-hong kong-macao cooperation and promoting the construction of the greater bay area will promote infrastructure connectivity, strengthen transport links between the mainland and hong kong and macao, and build an efficient and convenient modern comprehensive transport system. we should give full play to hong kong's advantages as an international shipping center, encourage other cities in the greater bay area to build world-class port and airport clusters, optimize the layout of highways, railways and urban rail transit networks, and promote integrated and efficient transport modes. strengthen the construction of internal and external urban transportation, facilitate inter-city transportation, jointly promote the construction of key regional projects including the hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge, guangzhou-shenzhen-hong kong high-speed railway, and the new guangdong-macao channel, so as to create a convenient intra-regional transportation circle. we will build a stable and secure energy and water supply system, further upgrade the infrastructure of information and communications networks, and expand network capacity.
       infrastructure connectivity in the greater bay area will be the top priority, with the focus on building "one center and three networks". founder securities analyst ren zeping said, "one center" refers to the world-class international shipping and logistics center, "three networks" refers to the multi-channel network, sea and air route network, bus rapid transit network, forming a comprehensive transportation system radiating at home and abroad. trillions of dollars of infrastructure investment are on the way.
       among them, to build a comprehensive transportation system radiating at home and abroad will become the focus of the greater bay area. according to guangdong's 13th five-year plan, the city of guangzhou will have 1-hour access to cities in the pearl river delta, 2-hour access by land to cities in the east and northwest of guangdong, 3-hour access by land to neighboring provincial capitals, and 12-hour access to major cities around the world. zhongshan alone will invest 140 billion yuan in the next six years to lay out the transportation map.
       foshan will invest 477.5 billion yuan to build 154 key infrastructure projects. in zhuhai, 129 key infrastructure projects with a total investment of about 374.1 billion yuan were arranged in 2017. huizhou will plan to build 323 municipal government-funded construction projects during the 13th five-year plan period, with a total investment estimated at 227.5 billion yuan, mainly in the areas of municipal facilities and comprehensive transportation facilities.

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