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uv roller coating machine environmental protection and installation operation

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uv roller coating machine environmental protection, uv roller coating machine is also known as the full precision roller coating machine, because the conveyor system and uniform cloth coating roller, uniform cloth steel roller system all want to precisely adjust the speed of the operation of the name, reasonable adjustment can make the uv paint surface smooth and uniform, high production efficiency:

1. the surface of the treated plate is smooth with good fullness and no pile of paint before and after
2 can be similar to the effect of drenching, but paint thickness is greatly reduced
3. the coating wheel can be disassembled and assembled, positioning accurate, height using the counter table
4. paint roller is solvent resistant, good inking effect
5. time-saving, labor-saving, high efficiency and good environmental protection
how to install and operate uv roller coater
how to install uv roller coater? what does uv roller coater installation need to pay attention to? now, xiaowian will lead you into chengdu senlian woodworking machinery co., ltd., follow our professional technical staff to understand about the uv rolling coating machine wiring installation process.
installation of uv roller coater - wiring steps: three live wires, one live wire, live wire is connected to three joints in the red part, live wire is connected to the joints in the black part, screw down the screw cap.
after the wiring is completed, plug in and tighten the screw cap of the wire protector box.
installation of uv roller coat-start machine: open emergency stop button in the control panel, select language, open heating, adjust the temperature of heating box according to different paint (different brand paint characteristics, different heating temperature). the operation on the control panel can be divided into manual mode and automatic mode (default automatic mode when entering).
uv roller coater mounting operation - paint preparation: add 1/2 water to heating box and add paint. connect the steel edge tube to the pump and twist tightly to roll the hoop. place another tube in the paint and work begins.
precautions for installation and operation of uv roller coater:
should check the power supply before starting up, running direction, to ensure no hidden trouble production.
when starting up, the operator shall not touch the rotating part.
(3) when the paint does not flow full cots at both ends of the face, do not turn cots and steel rod, prevent cots and steel rod dry grinding damage.
data on the control panel has been set, if you want to manually adjust, cots frequency and transmission frequency ratio is 20 to 18, at this point per minute transmission speed of 7 meters per minute.

5. adjusting the deviation of the conveyor belt: for example, if the conveyor belt runs to the right, tighten the adjusting nut at the right feeding end.
6. stop the cots and steel rod need to be out of contact.

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