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"internet plus" will enable the agricultural machinery industry to achieve cross-border upgrading

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       today, with the rapid development of network and information, "internet " has penetrated into every link of people's daily life. for travel, travel and medical treatment, people can fully enjoy convenient services with only a mobile phone. for the less "hot" agricultural market, will "internet " also bring efficient and convenient services to people? the answer is indisputable.
       with the emergence of major agricultural machinery enterprises, the wechat public account of the media platform and other internet agricultural machinery operation service platforms; led by the agricultural mechanization management department of the ministry of agriculture, the "national agricultural mechanization production information service platform" has been rolled out across the country. agricultural equipment enterprises have been constantly optimizing and upgrading their flagship products, and the phenomenon of clustering of agricultural machinery operations across regions has been alleviated. however, it is undeniable that in the development process of the whole agricultural industry chain, there are still problems such as unequal information and uneven resources in the links such as information acquisition, agricultural production, management and after-sales service of products. how to break through these bottlenecks? as we know, under the favorable policies such as "internet plus", industry 4.0 and new policies on foreign trade, the accelerated penetration of internet of things, cloud computing, big data and other information technologies has fostered new hotspots such as precision operation, cross-border e-commerce and rural e-commerce, and become a powerful driving force for the development of agricultural machinery industry.
       "internet plus" has made smart agricultural machinery a reality
       in recent years, with the application of modern agricultural equipment in agricultural production more and more widely, people gradually introduced the "internet " technology into the field of agricultural machinery, so that the integration of agricultural mechanization and informatization, continue to build a smart agricultural machinery development platform.
       nowadays, most powerful agricultural machinery enterprises have mounted beidou intelligence, gps and other technologies, to help agricultural machinery operations gradually to precision, intelligent direction. for example, rtk version of agricultural unmanned plant protection machine jointly released by dji innovation and chihiro location strategy can improve the positioning accuracy of uav to centimeter level and realize intelligent planning, effectively avoiding the phenomenon of heavy spraying and leakage spraying. and as china yituo as early as 2009 with martin, strong cooperation, successfully developed china's first stage autonomous wheeled tractor, then promoting cooperation autopilot system in 2014, and further deepen cooperation in the middle of april, to promote china's agricultural machinery industry to "intelligent, high precision" leapfrog development, these actions should farm machinery precision, the intelligent service the important role in the agricultural machinery industry.
       "we use intelligent network platform, agricultural machinery operation at management platform and agricultural machinery housekeeper app intelligent terminal three big modules, to provide users with whole life cycle of products services, so that users via their mobile phones can realize real-time monitoring, remote vehicle location, the number of mu statistics, vehicle fault early warning, and maintenance tips, etc, intelligent management." in this year's jiangsu agricultural machinery exhibition, lei wo staff explained to reporters just released the listing of zhilian cloud service platform. in addition to agricultural machinery service, "internet " technology is also applicable to post-grain processing industry. "in order to be able to provide customers accurate fault information and maintenance of the guiding ideology, chen yu technology key parts are equipped with sensors in the dryer, the system set up key position speed range, speed when a special key parts in a wide range of deviation occurs, can take the initiative to display fault information and close the dryers, synchronous display fault information on data cloud platform and provide maintenance guidance, make the customer save worry, energy saving, reduce the artificial and maintenance cost of the customer." "said duan xianwu, general manager of anhui chenyu machinery technology co., ltd.
       nowadays, no matter it is the unmanned plant protection machine flying in the sky or the power machine operating in the field, or the drying field after grain processing, all get the high-tech feeling "internet " brings to people. "agricultural machinery operation accuracy to 1 cm, no longer under the sun to work, but sitting at home will be agricultural machinery operations panoramic view, is the aspirations of agricultural people. just sitting at home, you can monitor the location of farm machinery and the quality of work. that's the power of the internet." wu huaping, chairman of huafeng agricultural professional cooperative in tianmen, hubei province, sat in the monitoring room staring at the monitoring screen of agricultural machinery operation.
       "internet plus" to build a new consumption model of agricultural machinery
       "when buying agricultural machinery online is as easy and convenient as shopping on taobao, we will have less worry." shandong weifang fangzi district cucu agricultural machinery cooperative chairman li chuanwei told reporters. with the rapid development of "internet plus" in all walks of life, lao li's wish became possible. agricultural machinery equipment and related industries have entered a period of rapid development, such as the world's agricultural machinery giants john deere, agco, case, kubotian, and other national brands such as lei wo, zoolian heavy industry, have gradually realized the cooperation with e-commerce by virtue of the power of the internet, opening the cross-border service of "internet agriculture".
       the emergence of electric business platform for the agricultural machinery enterprises, distributors, and has set up a platform for the cooperation and communication between users, online service provides convenient conditions for the user, through the production, sales and use, agricultural machinery circulation of each link, let users never leave home can realize the online platform of choose and buy, offline to lift machine shop to new service experience. in recent years, several e-commerce companies have been experimenting with the "internet agriculture" model to build new consumption of agricultural machinery. at present, nongji360 has provided farmers with efficient and convenient o2o platform services by virtue of its years of big data accumulation in the service industry and its integration of online and offline resources. in addition, alibaba, china's largest e-commerce platform, has also signed cooperation agreements with agricultural machinery giants such as agtech group of the united states to join the agricultural machinery e-commerce circle.
       of course, there are some in agricultural materials, agricultural machinery, agricultural vehicles, such as "three highs" (high logistics requirements, experience requirement is high, the high demand for after-sale services) goods for introduction, adopt the "internet township shop" mode of township and village shops, through wisdom trading platform for the villagers to provide goods supply chain, marketing, funding and training and other services, implementation of rural circulation system of the "internet" and "information technology" upgraded, huitong network co., ltd. is one of them.
       no matter what kind of agricultural machinery e-commerce platform exists, it contains huge business opportunities and has broad development prospects. according to huang zhenping, general manager of huitongda network co., ltd., from june 2015 to june 2016, the company has completed three rounds of financing totaling 1.3 billion yuan, with a valuation of nearly 10 billion yuan.
       however, we have to admit that throughout the agricultural machinery e-commerce platform is still generally in the embarrassing situation of "more gourd eaters, but less sales", the reason is that agricultural machinery equipment and related service products have not yet been able to avoid the sales characteristics of hierarchical agents. "first, the purchase of agricultural machinery involves subsidies; second, large machinery after - sales service is difficult, the purchase needs training. faced with these problems, the current e-commerce platform is difficult to solve." after participating in several e-commerce promotion activities, zhu peng, general manager of shandong dahua machinery co., ltd., said frankly, "e-commerce sales are the development trend of agricultural machinery sales, but more relevant departments need to cooperate with each other, so that enterprises, dealers and end users can make progress together and gradually accept the arrival of the product of this era."

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